Saturday, May 4, 2013

Boston--Part 3 (of 3)

Seriously? Can you believe this is a city library? Okay, it is a city like Boston, as in Boston's city library, but still. Could you imagine showing up with your toddlers and pre-schoolers for a weekly story-time at this place? Or even going anytime? I'm fairly certain I'd be brilliant if I lived in the city of Boston, as I'd be inclined to spend a lot of time in library. Okay, maybe not, I'd spent a fair amount of time outside seeing all the other cool stuff, but still, the library was pretty incredible.
And this church??? I should really consider changing religions. LDS churches really don't have a lot of charm to them. Our temples are beautiful buildings, but the church buildings?

(Trinity Church, Boston)
Sunday afternoon we had already planned on going to Copley Square to see the Trinity Church. While sitting in Sacrament Meeting (in a quite charming LDS church building I might add), we saw on the program that there was to be an inter-faith "peace"  benefit concert as at the Trinity Church that afternoon for the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing.
It really was a stroke of great luck to have been able to be a part of it. Even though the concert was a tad long for me. (Although I'll have you know, afterwards my mother-in-law and sister-in-law said the same thing!!!) It was inspiring to see so many faiths join together and perform individual musical numbers. I loved seeing some of the choirs clapping and singing as they really got into their songs.

The Mormon choir, hands down was the best, (even if Mormons rarely ever dance and clap while singing!). I don't think I'm saying it because I am biased. It was really neat to see the reactions (gasps and tears) of some of the people around us as the choir finished their touching rendition of "Come, Come Ye Saints."

In a tie for first place was the final number which all the choirs joined together to sing. That final number was worth all the so-so number's of the previous 90 minutes, when a girl sang one of my favorite songs, Amazing Grace among the other performers.

It was the first day the church had re-opened following the bombings. The pastor spoke with my mother-in-law after, and told her that until just recently all the marathon garbage had stayed on the street, and his church was closed for services. The memorials outside were a stark reminder of the tragedy of that sad day, but the concert inside was a clear juxtaposition to the horrible tragedy of two weeks previous. 

You can read a great write-up about it HERE in the LDS Church News by my mother-in-law. (Totally spontaneous decision for her to start interviewing people post-concert and how fortuitous that Yours Truly always carries a notebook around with her so that I could loan her a couple of pieces of paper after her concert program had no more room for notes. I'm totally fine with the fact she didn't credit me for the note paper in her article.)
(These makeshift memorials to the victims of the bombing were touching to see.)

I haven’t even touched on all the Revolutionary War and other stuff I saw in Boston that I actually very much enjoyed...
This photo Kristin said, “ I would be the rebel, fighting for revolution, and she (referring to me) would be the traditional woman in a dress making the food.”
She was right! I loved hearing the stories of Abigail Adams using her kitchen, and making the musket shells (is that what they’re called?), and taking care of the home. Nothing wrong with being a traditionalist, right?
House where JFK was born. Which is probably on one of the most charming streets in the Boston area. Except for the fact it was garbage day so the photos of the street weren't exactly charming with all the cans lining the road.
Who doesn't love the ocean?
And how could I possibly forget this photo? Of course my feelings towards the Revolutionary War aren't all triumphant and victorious.
These Boston posts are really for my own remembrances anyway, they're long and there are a lot of photos, but oh well. I think I've just about wrapped up a fabulous 5 day trip in 3 blog posts.

Two of my summer goals?

To make a book of this trip, and one for Megan and Luke from our DC trip 2 years ago. I miss old fashioned photo albums.


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