Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Picture Purge

I just figured out a quick and efficient way of getting the photos from my phone to my computer. I know it is 2013, but I didn't know how to upload them as a group until last week. Warning, there's quite a few photos, but here is the month of May as seen through my cell-phone.

The day all five children ate a piece of french toast covered with this syrup... I laughed hysterically upon the discovery, my children were NOT amused.
Loved spending a weekend with these amazing ladies (and more). This photo is probably only half of the Power of Moms board. Absolutely LOVE the friendships and associations I have with some of these women.
My girls and I enjoyed a nice afternoon at City Creek for a Mother's Day girls lunch with extended family.

Got a big kick out of these two "panhandlers" sitting outside Temple Square. I couldn't resist tossing some loose change their way.

I loved the boys' enthusiasm to take a bouquet of tulips to their school teachers one afternoon.

Megan had a harp performance at the city hall.

Unfortunately this was the gift Ellie gave me for Mother's Day. Apparently she misunderstood her Activity Day leaders, and thought hiding a plant in her closet for six days was a good idea.

I absolutely LOVED walking outside one afternoon and seeing Ellie and her good friend swinging in the backyard while browsing magazines. It was one of the cutest things I've seen in a long time. My favorite part was when they'd stop swinging long enough to point something out in their magazine to the other. (The magazines? Justice clothing and American Girls catalogs.)

 Drew and Mom's impromptu stop at a park to eat Cutler's sugar cookies together.

(gotta love the saliva oozing from Drew's mouth)
Instead of clearing up dinner like she was supposed to, Megan began entertaining herself with a raw tortilla-turned mask. Mike and I really were not amused UNTIL Megan went into the bathroom to look at herself in the mirror. Her hysterical laughter at herself made it pretty hard not to join in. Sometimes her ability to entertain herself with really dumb things, makes me wonder if she really is the age we think she is.

Drew's dives into the bath-tub. I try not to throw up while watching his enjoyment of submerging himself in his own filth.

Megan used a lot of different bowls to make different colors of cake batter for Ellie's birthday cake. Mike apparently loves cake batter and kept insisting to Megan that he got to lick the bowls. Disgusting.
My way of making a BSA statement, without really making one. Mother's pins? So completely over-priced (as are all the BSA awards and paraphernalia) and what do mom's ever do with them? I've NEVER seen anyone wear them. Except me. I used to wear them to every Cub Scout Pack Meeting, and now I wear them to Court of Honors. Luke added one to the collection after the photo was taken. Enough said about BSA, especially after last night. Don't get me started.

Ellie had a piano recital. I hope she keeps practicing her 2 songs, "Oh Susannah" and "Clementine". SUCH good songs to sing along loudly to. (Much to her annoyance.)
I LOVE seeing rainbows in the sky. I'm known to tell my children to keep their eye out for one after a storm, when the sun is just right. Love them. Joshua begged me to let him go find the end of it to see if there was treasure.

Luke has been a part of our life this month, I promise. But somehow his activities don't get recorded quite as much. Probably because he's been busy building a BMX bike ramp in a horse field (it's too muddy for me to be interested in following him out there), aerating people's lawns (I'm not sure OSHA would agree with his work, and therefore I'm not going to capture it on camera.), and bringing his goats over to our house (shaving Hank practically IN the garage wasn't exactly the smartest decision on his part, and capturing it on camera was the last thing on my mind-how mad Mike would be was at the forefront). Regardless, I still love Luke even if I didn't capture any photos of him. Although he did have about 47 (no exaggeration) self-portraits on my phone, but I deleted them in a huff the other morning.

And that about wraps up the month of May via a cell-phone.


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