Monday, May 13, 2013

Not the Best, But not the Worst

(Yes, in case you are wondering, my hands are holding children in place and are not gentle grips of love or affection.)

As far as Mother's Days go, I've had better ones. But as I prepared for bed on Sunday night, I reread the notes my children gave me and was reminded that I really do like my job.

"You are nice most of the time."

"My mom is fune" (funny)

"You are pretty much the best mom!"

"I like you."

"I hope I'm like you when I'm older."

I think my favorite Mother's Day gifts were the coupons I received from Ellie, especially these two. Although the excitement over them quickly evaporated when I showed them to Mike and he laughed. Not so sure he exactly permitted Ellie to grant me such a gift.

Oh well.
I could say the great sunny, Sunday spent with my fabulous children was far better than if a weekend away by myself to a fabulous location AND an unlimited shopping spree had legitimately been on my list of received gifts.

But that would be a lie.

And I'm not good at that.

Which is why I'll say, as far as Mother's Days go, there have been better ones.


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