Wednesday, May 15, 2013

If You Need To Slice Strawberries...

(I was never sure exactly what I would do with this photo of myself that Megan took on Mother's Day. So I'll be brave and share it with the world on a blog post about me and my unfocused mind.)

Have you ever read the series of books such as "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" or "If You Give a Dog a Donut" books? Ellie loves them and I think has nearly all of the series. They are actually quite fun to read, I should retrieve them from her room and read them to the boys.

The other day I found myself feeling as though my morning could have been taken from the pages of one of those books. Except, in the book most of the tasks relate, in my life that day (or any day for that matter) there really was no correlation between one task or the next.

It went something like this:

My nice neighbor's mother offered to watch my boys while I ran to the grocery store. Feeling so grateful for her generosity, I tried to be very quick at the store out of politeness towards her. I think that was my first mistake--it set me off into a rushed speed--at a time in my life I'm trying desperately to slow my pace during the day-to-day tasks I embark on.

After arriving home with my groceries, I started to put them away. As I opened the fridge, I realized I hadn't sliced and frozen some previously bought strawberries for a frequently made DELICIOUS summer dessert. So I began slicing strawberries.

In the meantime, Drew came into the house asking for a peanut butter sandwich. I stopped to fix him one, being sure to make one for Joshua too, to eliminate another interruption. Except I forgot to put jam on Joshua's, and just as I was returning to the slicing of strawberries, Joshua returned into the house asking for jam. Which I swiftly applied to his sandwich. Using the last of the jam, I rinsed out the jam jar to put in the dishwasher. Suddenly I remembered I had forgotten to buy eggs at the store, so (A FIRST FOR ME) I went outside to see if the chickens had laid any eggs that morning. Reminding myself that retrieving chicken eggs IS NOT in my job description, I called for Joshua to help me. After washing the eggs and putting them in the fridge, I realized I should finish putting away the groceries. As I went to throw away something, I noticed the garbage was extremely full, so I pulled out the full bag and went to retrieve a new garbage bag. Except I couldn't find them. It was then I realized an overly helpful child had put away the paper towels, shoving the garbage bags and paper plates to the very back of the cupboard. I emptied the paper towel rolls one by one, and reorganized the cupboard. Eventually retrieving the garbage bag and putting it in the can.

Seeing the full garbage bag sitting to the side, I took it outside to the big trash can. As I glanced over to the chicken coop, I remembered the bag of rotting apples that were a complete waste of money (I will NEVER buy pre-bagged apples again on sale) and decided I should take them out to the chickens.

Meanwhile, I remembered the laundry needed to be switched right then. (I'm picky about things sitting in the dryer too long.) I ran upstairs to do that, and afterwards got side tracked putting some out-grown clothes into a bag to give away. I stopped to take a potty break, and realized I should refill the toilet paper holders in all the bathrooms. It was then I remembered I never replied to an email from Mike that morning asking if I could pick up a few items for the office. Upon my return downstairs to use the computer, I saw the semi-sliced strawberries sitting on the counter and remembered,

That I was actually in the middle of slicing strawberries.

Mike's email never got replied to. But after slicing strawberries, I did grab a notebook and write down everything I had just done in a 25 minute period. If for nobody else but myself.

Well, and for Mike. Perhaps then, he can better understand why he eventually felt the need to purchase the office supplies himself.


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