Friday, May 10, 2013

My Brief Encounter With Stardom

(I may or may not have taken this photo secretly from the window, hoping the professional reporter (who really was very down to earth and I loved her!) couldn't see.)

It was kind of a fun surprise on Tuesday morning when I had an email from a KSL Radio reporter (television and radio station here in Utah) asking if she could interview me. Yes! Of all people, me!

She had heard some recent podcasts I was involved in and some articles I've written on Power of Moms, and wanted to come to my house and interview me for a 2 part series in honor of Mother's Day.

It was a little exciting.
OK-kind of a lot exciting.
Like, immediately call Mike to tell him kind of exciting.
Except he didn't answer.
So I called him again.
He didn't answer. Apparently he was in a meeting.
So I called him again. I mean, come on! His wife is about to be interviewed for a radio show and a meeting with some architects is more important??
So I called him again.

According to Mike, he apologetically said to his fellow meetingers, "I'm sorry. I should take this call, I think it may be an emergency." (Because I don't get emailed by reporters very often, and therefore, rarely call him 3 times in a row.)

So okay, it wasn't exactly an emergency, but I still think Mike should have started jumping up and down with my good news instead of whispering, "Nice. But can I call you back? I'm in a meeting." (He didn't even tell the good news to his fellow-meeting attendees!!!!!)

And to think a couple of hours later I was being interviewed and actually referred to him as my "biggest cheerleader."

Which he is...
As long as he isn't in a meeting with architects.

It was fun standing with my children gathered around the radio in my kitchen Thursday morning and hearing the story on KSL. I loved that Megan requested being driven to school so she wouldn't miss it.

Then again, as dinner was being served on Thursday evening, we listened to it being aired again.

Friday morning we listened intently again gathered around the kitchen radio for Part 2. Except Megan, after being assured it would be on again Friday evening said she was going to ride the bus. I did suggest she ask the bus driver to switch the radio to 102.7FM.

She rolled her eyes.

Seconds after both Thursday and Friday radio segments were over my phone rang with Mike whooping and hollering with pride. I have now forgiven him for the whispered, "Nice. But can I call you back? I'm in a meeting" response from Tuesday.

For Thursday's Part 1 segment, click HERE.
(Yes. The whole "lay on the couch" part was slightly out of context. I must do a blog post about the real "lay on the couch" practice though. It has resonated with a lot of people.)
Friday's Part 2 segment, click HERE.
(This one should air again today at 5:45pm)


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