Monday, May 10, 2010

A Memory for Monday (with Kenny)

A few years ago, a local news show would randomly find people to 'do a story on.'  They would ask people at stores, gas stations, etc. to pick numbers of left or right turns to randomly come upon a house.  They would then do a short news story on 'that person's story.'

Each time I would watch it, I'd say to Mike, if they ever came to me, I wouldn't have a story to tell...  He (remember, ever the optimist) would always encourage me "Of course you would.  Everybody has a story" he'd faithfully answer each week.

Just the other night, I stood in the kitchen dancing and singing with Joshua, the song playing from the i-pod was 'The Gambler' by Kenny Rogers. And oh boy, do I have memories and stories with that song.   I sang (of course, loudly) along, kindly sharing the spatula-turned-microphone with Joshua for his turns to sing.   While singing, I suddenly realized, that though my journals from my junior high/high school/college/dating days are plenty, they record a lot of 'feelings' rather than events.  What about the old 'everyday' memories that I may forget, or my children may never know?

I love that I kept such good journals, but like I said, they are mainly my thoughts/feelings. And I love, that I keep current on my blog to remember the day-to-day joys/tears/struggles/laughter while my children are young.  But I want them to also know some of my random memories.

Big or small, significant or insignificant... I finally agree with Mike.  Just like the random people found for the news stories all those years ago, I too have a story to tell.

 (Trying to teach Drew to sing along as the others do.  He doesn't understand yet about sharing the microphone, thus his sad face wanting the spoon for himself.)

And so, beginning today, Monday.  I am beginning 'A Memory for Monday'

They may go back 30+ years, or be as recent as last night.  Some may make me laugh, some may make me cry...  And as for you readers, they may bore you or entertain you.  But they are memories and stories I want to tell.

As this song, started this idea, I better start here...
'The Gambler' by Kenny Rogers.
I honestly can't tell you when I started loving Kenny Rogers music.  I think it was in high school.  I have several memories of riding in my friend, Kiera's car and singing loudly to 'Islands In The Stream' by Kenny and Dolly.  Somewhere along the way, other Kenny songs must have snuck onto my tapes of 'mixed songs.'  (That alone is a trip down memory lane... )

Fast forward to my sophmore year as a student at the University of Utah.  My BFF, Melanie and I had a 'Fine Arts' class.  At the end of the quarter, each student was required to do a oral and written report featuring a famous artist.  People did their reports on anyone from Walt Disney to Liberace.  The reports were given over two-three different class periods.  Each report probably lasted about 8-10 minutes.  Some were ok to listen to...some were quite dull.
It was all about P-R-E-S-E-N-T-A-T-I-O-N to me!
(I'm not sure if Melanie and I got special permission to do ours together or what.  But it was by far the best report given.)
And all I have to say about the memory is this.  We obviously didn't really seem to care what other people thought about us.  We had no embarrassment or shyness when it came time to give our report, and we passed out copies of 'The Gambler' words to each student in the class.  Then we turned on the tape player, and there in a college level Fine Arts class, stood no other than (not blessed with any singing talent) Mel and Tiff leading our class,
"On a warm summer's eve, on a train bound for nowhere...."

We were not embarrassed then, but I do have to admit I am cringing slightly as I recall that memory and a few of the looks I think we got.  What were we thinking!?!?  

(And while I'm at it, one more Kenny Rogers story.  When my same BFF and I attended a Kenny Rogers concert we of course (as we both LOVE to do) were singing along.  What nerve someone sitting closeby had, to tell us to be quiet as they had come to hear Kenny Rogers sing, not us!?!)

Wouldn't that make a great News Story?
Ok, maybe not. But it's a start.


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