Saturday, May 8, 2010

What I Love About...

 (I know it is kind of an unflattering photo of me...but doesn't that face scream, 'excited mother moment?')

If you remember this post, I wrote about my childhood wish, to grow up and be a mom. And of course, I am living out that wish.  Mother's Day is just around the corner, and sometimes there is so much negativity that surrounds it.  So many mothers feel inadequate, and less than worthy to receive the accolades that are given them.   I even admit, there have been a few Mother's Days in my mothering career where I have felt that way.  But not this year.  This year as Mother's Day is here I am looking at it with completely new eyes.

A day of celebration.
A day of joy.
A day of accomplishment.
A day of recognition.
A day of accolades and honor.
A day to recognize my wish come true.
I love being a mom...  (most of the time...)

I love the little art projects that children make at school, church, or on their own.  I have a box full of them.  It is filled with misshaped crafts, hand-prints, drawings, and their own little interpretations of love.

I love that it is 'Mmoooommm' that my children yell first.  (Ok, there have been times I've yelled back, why doesn't anyone ever say, 'Daaaaaddddd first?')

I love as soon as my kids walk in the door from school/play they seek me out wherever I am in the house or yard. 

I love the words 'thank you mom.'

I love that I was blessed to experience childbirth five times.  Those five births have been the most painful, spiritual, joyful, peaceful and empowering experiences of my life thus far.

I love the obvious displays of love, like hugs and kisses that are shown to me daily, and the more subtle displays that still speak love in volumes.

I love weekend mornings when seven of us lay squooshed in the bed together, no one quite wanting to leave.

I love sleepy eyed children that want a lap to sit in.

I love when I drive into the garage after being somewhere, at least one child usually greets me there.

I love the reminders of being a mom when I find myself clapping and cheering when someone's underwear is dry in the morning,  or when I tear up with pride when a well-practiced music performance goes well.

I love holidays, vacations and birthdays that would seem dull without a houseful of noise.

I love....
I love...
I love....

And of course, I love that I have a wonderful husband to father along with my mothering.

Happy Mother's Day
You are some of the best!


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