Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mistaken Birth

(My brother Casey, with a proud computer game score in 1987)

The other morning while ironing, (remember, I iron on Tuesday mornings), I had the television on listening to a local show.  It made me CRAZY.  It made me begin thinking about all the things I don't have/don't do.  Recipes for this, crafts for that, gifts for this occasion, styles for that.  It was overload...

After ten-fifteen minutes, I turned it off.  And as I ironed shirts, with no television distraction, I thought about what has been on my mind a lot lately...
Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong year.  That perhaps, somehow, some tragic mistake was made and I was supposed to have been born in a different time.  A different period. 
  • I would love to wear a dress everyday and not have people ask me why I'm dressed up.
  • I own no i-phone or laptop and I don't really know what an i-pad is. 
  • I love food and would love to not know about calories, heart disease or exercise.
  • In social settings, when people are discussing television shows, movies or celebrities, we don't have a clue usually what or who they are talking about.
  • Sometimes I get bogged down by all the 'stuff' we think we need and would much rather a life of simplicity.
  • If my children are given the choice to decide how to spend an evening together as a family, it usually is the same kind of thing families would have been found doing 30, 75 or 150 years ago.
  •  I love the old fashioned ideals of male/female roles.  
  • On car rides (short or long), we actually listen to music or talk to each other!.
  •  Driving and flying give me anxiety, and though the only time I have been on a horse, I swore and demanded to get off after thirty seconds, I think I could quite enjoy traveling by horse and buggy.
  • The majority of my children were born without any medication.
  • We own no video game system
  • When a friend recently blogged about her new Kindle, I had to google the word to see what it was.
  • We finally got a converter box for our main television when this current season of American Idol started. (My husband is a big AI fan.)
  • I often daydream about crossing the plains as a pioneer, living with the Amish or living in the slower paced 1940's.
  • When a child gets to messing with the computer and the start bar somehow disappears or ends up in the wrong place, or something is amiss, we have to wait until either of my brothers or my BFF's husband can come correct the problem.
  • My husband does not know how to turn on a DVD for the children.
  • I learned last week that if I take a photo with my cell phone, it can actually get onto the computer.
  • As I type this, my husband and three of our children are gathered around the piano taking turns playing songs... 
    • I love my dishwasher, the two weeks without it a few months ago was a pain.
    • I love, love, love disposable diapers.
    • I love the convenience of email vs 5,000 phone calls.
    • I love always having music in my kitchen playing from my ipod.
    • I love not having to wait weeks to see if a photo turned out.
    • I love watching the evening news.
    • I love being able to connect with old friends across the ocean on Facebook
      And off I must go,  I have a dishwasher to go load, my dryer just buzzed that it is finished, I'd like to skip the song I hear playing on the ipod, I have some PTA emails to respond to, and I need to go turn down the tv that Joshua has turned up way too loud...

      Mistake or not, I live in 2010. 
      It is good and bad, just as 1820, 1850, 1925, 1950 and 1980 surely would have been...


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