Thursday, May 13, 2010

Age or Comfort

I have had a secret wish for quite some time now.  I mentioned it in passing to my BFF a year or so ago and she about laughed her head off.  She thought I was joking.  I was not.  I have never brought it up again since.  Until now...

If you remember, I already surmised here  that I am not exactly the most fashionable girl on the planet.  Feeding and clothing five kids takes a fair amount of our income,  not to mention the logistics of wearing clothes that led me to such dismay after watching a television segment that prompted this post.  Dry clean only, needing-regular ironing and expensive clothes are not high on my priority list right now

As everyone is already well aware, I also am not a huge fan of jeans.  BUT, you will be proud to note,  I limit myself to wearing sweats only once a week.  In the evenings, I frequently change into my pajamas early, as they are far more comfortable than most clothes (barring sweats)... 

The other night, I visited my grandma.   Yes. Granted she is almost 77 years old, and was just a few days post-major surgery.  But as she sat  in her bed, kindly taking turns talking to each of my children, I could not take my eyes off of what she was wearing...

 A housedress.  Not only was it one of my favorite colors, it had cute polka dots and it looked very, very comfortable.  My mind suddenly imagined warm summertime evenings when I am tired of wearing my jean capris/shorts, etc. daydream took me back to when I mentioned it in passing to my BFF... and she about laughed her head off.  And even when I added  I wouldn't want one until my 50th birthday, she was still not nice very supportive of the idea.

Now friends, look at this photo.  Every 'house dress' Google link I followed, showed women certainly younger than fifty wearing them...

So I need some advice, other than my BFF's.
Are they really only intended for 'older women'?
And would you laugh if you saw me in one?

(Told you I should have been born in a different time period, no one would have given it a second thought if I was a housewife wearing one in the 1950's!)


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