Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Brothers vs Sisters

I often hear friends, or cousins, or sister-in-laws, and even strangers talk about how much fun they have with their sisters.  They take trips, they go to lunch, they go shopping, or just hang out.  Well, I have no sisters and honestly, I feel a pang of jealousy when I see these sister-get-togethers...

Recently I planned a 'let's get together and work on some projects' day with my BFF, two sister-in-laws and mom.  And even though they all have sisters to do all of the above with, they spent a day with me.

I loved it and not just because...

Megan and Ellie each have a new home-sewn skirt, thanks to Aunt Cindy.

And Luke and Joshua each got some new cowboy pajamas thanks to Nana:

I didn't even sew a stitch.

But I still wish I had sisters. Although I love my brothers...but really, how many posts have I written about how much we love to get together? Oh yeah, none...

I think I am really missing out.


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