Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Day

 Even though Mother's Day is a few days past, and I already did a pre-Mother's day post, I don't want to forget what made this Mother's Day one of my most favorite ever.

This year, I specifically said, I didn't want to receive anything that cost any money (except some good chocolate)...

I loved my (HATES TO GO TO A STORE husband) who at 9:50pm on Saturday night, climbed out of bed, sheepishly started getting dressed, and when questioned replied, "I forgot the chocolate."

I loved seeing the proud grins on my children's faces as paper flower bouquets, school crafts and hand-made cards were carefully torn open.

I loved watching three of my children singing with the Primary in Sacrament Meeting.  I loved how even though one had to peek at me through the choristers armpit,  another had to twist their head, and another had a perfect view, they all kept making sure I was looking at...THEM!

I loved the heartfelt letters that my three older children and Mike wrote to me.   These were my favorite excerpts...  I loved being told I am 'The best mom in the whole world because I wash Wranglers and make cakes.'  I loved being told I am 'Always happy (almost always, but that's OK).' I loved that someone said, 'I like you wehn  you take me on dates.' and I love that my dear husband, told me (amongst other more gushy things), 'I reckon I'll keep you around.'

I loved that I had an hour and a half to myself (even with too many a few minor interruptions) to write a letter back to each of my children to put in their letter boxes they each have, to open when they are older.

I loved that  Joshua kept saying, "Happy Easter" to me throughout the day.

During my quiet time, I loved eating the chocolate truffle I received from Sacrament Meeting. (Saturday night, I had physically restrained and begged my husband to not join the hordes of men that would surely be perusing the store aisles at 10pm on Mother's Day Eve.)

I loved detouring to drive by my dream house, that I pass almost daily, that has all the charm and authenticity of a time period other than this one, yet loved returning to my driveway and realizing I love being home.

I loved Megan's smiling face when she had produced a beautiful Mother's Day cake she made and decorated BY HERSELF,  that makes some of my cake attempts pale in comparison. (Even though throughout the process there was some less than stellar mothering patience coming from my end...)  Not only did it look great, it tasted great; white cake with strawberry filling. 
I loved sitting on the couch at bedtime in the loft with Megan and discussing the way her toenails grow.

I loved sitting out on the front porch with my husband, with four children tucked away in bed and one snuggling on my lap, we reviewed the day.

I loved a quick read I read before bed that had me determined to begin the next day 'engaging' with my children rather than simply be on 'auto-pilot.'

I loved sitting on my bed recording some of my deepest Motherhood feelings at the end of the day.

I loved the house peaceful and quiet with five children slumbering, and a husband silently snoring as I turned off my lamp and laid my head on the pillow.

It was a good day.
And even though motherhood is certainly not an easy job at all, I reckon I'll keep doing it!


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