Thursday, May 20, 2010

Today is...

Ellie's birthday, shout HOORAY!

And in true Ellie fashion, Ellie has requested a 'Flip-Flop Party.'  Not a Princess theme party, not a Tinkerbell party, not a Barbie party, not any typical little girl party themes, but... a Flip-Flop party.  (Last year was a 'butterfly party' the year before was a 'purse party.')
And that is exactly one of the things we love most about Ellie-she wants what SHE wants.

Let the birthday celebrations begin.

Happy 6th Birthday Ellie!

Note:  This is my 29th birthday celebration of one of my children and I have made every cake but one (the one my mother made for Joshua 10 days after I had Drew.)  This morning, while making the flip-flop cake I officially decided, I hate making cakes, yet I still do it.  And will keep doing it.  Especially when my children say such things as Megan did this morning, "I think it is really special that you always make our cakes and have never bought one."  
Oh-the pressure....


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