Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Five Kids

I'm not sure if it is because it is Summertime and I have all of my children around me all day long, but I am really beginning to realize we are no small group.  I go back and forth between whether or not I have a 'large family.'  To me, large seems six or more children.  But to someone with two, maybe four seems large.  Surely it is all relative, but when looking at a recently taken photo of Mike, me and the kids, it kind of looked like a lot of people...

But whether it is all relative or not, I am finding constant reminders that I kind of have a lot of kids...
When ...
  • I do not have enough chairs at the kitchen table to seat everyone, and thus the one year old is often left in the corner. 
  • I have no extra seats in my suburban.
  • I wear a 'children charm' necklace and a sarcastic neighbor warns me it will break if I add anymore to it.
  • I only have three children at the store with me, and it seems like bliss.
  • I've almost outgrown the need to ever use a 9x13 casserole dish.
  • On Mondays I do at least 8 loads of laundry, and they'll still be more to do the next day.
  • Buying a Happy Meal for each child almost breaks the bank.
  • One loaf of bread isn't usually enough for everyone to have sandwiches for a picnic.
  • My children have to argue about who gets to practice the piano first.
  • I've been changing diapers for 11 1/2 years and I still have a couple more years to go.
  • I pretty much have to start the dishwasher after one meal.
  • I cringe slightly when asked at a restaurant  'How many in your party?'
  • Me or my children never experience loneliness.  There is always someone that won't leave someone alone.
Oh well!
With this many in the house, life is never boring.


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