Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Back when I was a first time mom, it was still the days of buying a roll of film, and waiting days to see whether or not the photo you tried to capture actually worked.

As a result of rolls of film and being a first child...Megan has a photo album devoted to each year of her first six years of life. 

And then I got a digital camera.
And a few more kids.

And now I have hundreds of photos stored on a computer, very few printed out, and Drew (and I actually think Joshua) don't even have a photo album, let alone more than 2-3 printed out hard copy photos of them.

So the blessings of digital cameras are certainly the instant knowing whether the photo worked.  But now I have 5873 other photos sitting on my computer that really aren't that important but then I feel all sorts of motherhood guilt deleting a photo of a beloved child...
Even if it only shows half a face or a blurred moving body part.

I don't scrapbook anymore.
I do blog (duh). And I have printed out a blog book for 2008 and 2009.  I even made smaller, individual ones for each child from 2009.

I own one photo album from Mike's childhood that spans anywhere from baby pictures to junior high.  And we glance at it frequently (mainly to compare the uncanny resemblance between Mike and Drew).  It is very doable.  Much better than Megan one day having to lug around six different albums to find a photo of her at a particular age.

What will Drew (or Joshua) do one day when they are Student of the Week and I have to make a poster complete with photos to send to school?  They won't have as much luck finding photos of them in the 'photo drawer' that the other kids will...

How will our children view photos one day?
What do you do?
Do you store them all electronically?

Please, please, please give me some ideas?


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