Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What Is A Vacation?

I'm really not much of a traveler and we don't vacation too frequently.  In fact, the question I like the least during summer vacation is? "What fun trips do you have planned?"  Our 'vacations' tend to happen in the winter when Mike's work is much slower.

And even considering our winter vacations, more often than not, I am quite content staying at home.  I think it is partly due to the fact that I am still trying to determine what a vacation really is. 

Especially when you have five children...

For example, consider the trip we take every other year to Southern California.  It is hardly relaxing.  There is Disneyland to visit, beaches to play on, cousins to hang out with, SeaWorld to see, etc. etc. etc.  Often times upon returning from such a vacation is a desire to 'go on a vacation.'

Or the trip to Phoenix we took in January.  Twelve hours in a car with five children.... Enough said.

Then there is a trip like this one that I took with Mike to Arizona a few months back.  But even that had a heightened level of concern, worry and guilt (not to mention numerous phone calls from a certain eight year old) about a babysitter left watching my five kids while I...tried to relax.

And then there is the vacation that I am supposedly on. 
Me, in Park City for a week with five children.

Trying to keep a one year old all the way to an eleven year old entertained.
Trying to keep them from hurting each other.
Trying to keep a happy medium on the varied lengths of time, five different children desire to stay in a pool.
Trying to keep them quiet from neighboring condos.
Trying to keep them occupied for long enough for me to read a chapter of a book.

Mike returns to Park City each evening after work.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think Mike is the one having a vacation...


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