Monday, July 12, 2010

A Memory For Monday (Yesterday Afternoon)

(The Thomas The Tank Engine train set Coal Mine)

After an enjoyable morning/afternoon with Mike's family celebrating his parent's homecoming from a mission, we went to our good friends, The Taylor's home, to play, visit, eat some more and RELAX.

Only problem was, there were a couple of mishaps...

On Luke's way outside to play, he walked past a broken piano bench with an exposed hinge...
It ripped his shorts and left him with a two inch gash on his leg.  It bled through a couple of bandaids, but all was well to go play.

Mike enjoyed laying on the couch watching a television show with Alan.  Drew just kind of fit in amidst the crowd of nine kids playing... Except, I don't think Drew quite understood that the Coal Mine that comes with the wooden Thomas The Tank Engine train set should stay on the floor with the wooden Thomas The Tank Engine train set and not get thrown at Daddy.

All adult eyes were on Mike as we heard the pained reaction as he grabbed his eye and gasped in pain.  With a little blood, some blurry vision, a slight headache and hopefully not a black eye when he wakes up...
We are reconsidering our next trip to the Taylor's house.


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