Monday, July 26, 2010

A Memory for Monday (With The Future)

(An unrelated-to-this-post-photo of Mike's family on a Service Vacation to Mexico in 1994--but it's the right time period at least...)

Back in the summer of 1993, my BFF and I (and I honestly can't remember who we went with!?) went to a UB40 concert at what was then, Park West.  We couldn't help but notice the group sitting in front of us on the grassy hill, because one of the girls in the group had very unique, long, brown, tight curly hair.
A year and a half or so later, my BFF and I both happened to notice this girl at the LDS institute at the University of Utah.  We named her (from afar) the UB40 girl.  (Oh man, I could do a whole essay alone on names that my BFF and I used to give people...)

Fast forward a few months, and we recently met Mike (my now husband).  One day we saw him talking to the UB40 girl and another girl.   And so we later said to him, "Hey, you know the UB40 girl?" 

Turns out that she is Mike's sister's BFF!

What a small world!
But, even better, when we explained to Mike why she was named the UB40 girl, Mike told us that he was at that concert with them.

I love this story.
I LOVE it.

Who would ever have guessed that while I was standing at the UB40 concert in August of 1993 daydreaming of a boy named BJ, that my future husband, a complete stranger, was ten feet away from me.

I love that!


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