Thursday, July 22, 2010

Signing Up

Sometimes my kids have come home and talked about the Leprecaun that visits their friends houses on St. Patrick's Day.  Or friends that have Cupid stop by on Valentine's Day.  (Of course, I dislike both of those holidays, but that is beside the point...)
Why does Cupid visit some homes and not others?  Why do some kids get pajamas from a pajama fairy and others don't?

I'll tell you, like I tell my kids.

Moms and Dads sign up for different things.  Most moms and dads sign up for the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy.  We sign up for each of those plus the Pajama Fairy (for those of you unfamiliar with her services, she delivers new pajamas by children's bedroom doors for them to wake up and find on Christmas EVE.
(2008 California Vacation Fairy Visit...)

Over the years we have taken a lot of vacations with (my parents) Nana and Grandpa.  Sometime during those vacations, the 'Vacation Fairy' visited during the night, and each morning the children would wake up to a small surprise.

We are soon to leave for a few days, to a place that we previously have been with my parents.

Just now I overheard Ellie ask Megan, "Remember we get stuff from the Vacation Fairy when we go there?"

And Megan, wise in her eleven and a half years in essence replied,
"I think Nana signed up for the Vacation Fairy.  So this time the Vacation Fairy won't be coming."

To which Ellie replied, "Well Nana must know lots of Vacation Fairies" as she recalled trips to California...Bear Lake...Park City...

And I sat with a smile on my face quietly listening, albeit, a slightly guilty smile thinking of potentially disappointed children.

But I reminded myself of what I tell them,
'It would be very difficult for parents to sign up for everything.'

What have you signed up for?


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