Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Summer Afternoon

I don't enjoy water. I never have and probably  never will.  The first time I ever completely submerged my face in the water as a child was as an eight year old getting baptized.  (It was really quite traumatic.)
I can honestly say that I have never jumped into a pool or a lake either. I remember when I had to take swimming lessons at my school and I persuaded the teacher to kind of let me 'jump/slide' in from a sitting position instead.

So taking five children to a public pool is not exactly the most relaxing summertime event for me.  First of all, who can possibly relax when there is a constant "Mom watch this" coming from four of them and constant arms and eyes that are permanently watching a one year old's explorations.

And though I am thrilled that my oldest two children have not inherited my water dislike, my breathing stops each time one of them jumps from the high dive as I am not sure whether to keep my eyes on them with the prayer that they will come up out of the water, or keep my eyes on the lifeguard making sure they are paying the utmost attention to the jumpers.  Specifically my two children.

And what about when my nervous-of-the-water six year old finally gets up the courage to go down the slide if I promise to catch her.  Me? Catch her? I stood at the end of the water slide shaking like a leaf, lacking faith in myself to prevent my daughter from really not landing under the water.  (I caught her foot, the rest of her went under...)

As we returned to the waiting siblings, one of us crying, the other trying not to.  I pondered who's idea exactly it was to go swimming.  And why in the world did the BIG SISTER keep bugging the little siblings to go down the slides?

All in all, it was a fairly relaxing enjoyable afternoon watching my children play with each other.  But, the highlight certainly came when Luke declared that he had 'made a boat and do you want to watch it float?' I was very glad I have a camera on my phone. Because really, what kind of kid, first of all even makes something to take to the pool, let alone something like this?

Again, I have to ask, what kind of kid does this sort of thing?

And that was just another afternoon at the pool.
Happy Summer...


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