Friday, August 27, 2010


School has been in session now for one week. We have had five days of getting back into the morning routine.  And for the most part, it has gone exceptionally well.
Except for one part.

On a slight side-note, the other night my husband was on the phone, (and sometimes I have things that I want him to say during particular phone calls),  so I kept whispering it to remind him to say it.
He hung up the phone and very politely in a voice, I'm not sure if he wanted me to hear or not, said,

"You're like a broken record."

For the record, I was not offended.  I was actually quite amused but we quickly moved onto other more worthy spousal conversations and it was given no further discussion.

So back to our morning routine...
I notice I am pretty much saying the same thing all morning long.
And it is driving me nuts.

Hurry and get dressed so you can practice.
Hurry and finish up your practicing so you can eat.
Hurry and finish eating so you can get your teeth brushed.
Hurry and get your teeth brushed so you can get your shoes on.
Hurry and get your shoes on.
Hurry so we can read scriptures.
Hurry and kneel down so we can pray.
Hurry and get your backpacks on and line up. (Aagh, do I really say, 'line up' to my children?)
Hurry so you don't miss the bus.

(And we are ALWAYS standing at the bus stop with time to spare. Last year included.)

I am slightly concerned that I am sounding like a broken record.  Or an extremely uptight parent.
Something's gotta change.

And I have a feeling, it's me!


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