Monday, August 30, 2010

A Memory For Monday (With a hammock)

Early the next morning, before anyone else woke up, Mike and I took a drive through American Fork canyon.  Not much was resolved or said.  It wasn't that it was awkward, I think we just weren't fully aware yet that the stars were slowly aligning in our favor.

My 'I really like Chad' sentiment was very quickly forgotten by Mike, myself and even Chad.  (Call it what you want, but I didn't talk to Chad for almost six weeks later... But that is a whole 'nother story.)

A couple of days after the camping trip, the four of us, went to the Mount Timpangos temple open house.  Melanie had plans for strategically making sure Mike and I were alone, and she had big dreams that I would just plant a big ole' kiss on Mike's lips. (No, not while in the temple!)

It didn't happen.
I spent the next couple of days conflicted.  

Yet one thing was sure, my faith was strongly renewed.  I knew at this point, what I had told Mike three months previously was the right thing to do.  I am ashamed to admit, that it wasn't until after the camping trip that I fully understood the Lord was on my side!

At this point, I might add, this was the day before everyone had cell phones, and I was busy working two jobs, going to school and enjoying summer, and Mike was busy working (what's new?).  I think we played phone tag a fair amount, but didn't talk for a few days.

And then I bit the bullet and one evening, I drove down to American Fork.  I watched him water his big vegetable garden and then eat a Subway sandwich all the while him acting like our changing friendship was really nothing out of the ordinary.

We talked about us.  I wondered why Mike didn't attempt to kiss me again, but I am smart enough now to realize his male ego was on the line...
By the end of a conversation in a parking lot of the Utah State Developmental Center, I left irritated and frustrated.  (Mike has made huge strides in his communication skills since.)

I didn't see Mike for almost two weeks, until Brett  invited all of us to a BBQ at his house in Provo. 

(Brett, Melanie, Mike and Tiffany, August 1996)

And so it was there, in the front yard of an old charming house on 200 North in Provo, that Mike and I laid  on the hammock alone together, on a warm August night.  Without warning, Mike turned to me and asked, "Do you think you could like me for a really, really long time?"

And then, we kissed.

Two days later, I flew to England for a two weeks...
(And this was back when the US Postal service and a house phone were the main forms of communication...)


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