Monday, August 16, 2010

A Memory For Monday (with a candy bar)

I love chocolate. I've been making a greater effort to not have chocolate around the house lately, but after church today I had a serious craving for some.

And then I remembered Megan's half eaten Twix hiding behind the i-pod speaker....

So, I snuck the half Twix with me upstairs to my closet to change my clothes.  Of course, I am a nice wife and offered some to my changing-clothes-husband too.
Without thinking, I broke the Twix 'stick' in half.  Except I hadn't put a conscious effort into it and the Twix stick broke very unevenly.

It brought back clear as day the memory I have as a child, that I remind my children of probably far more than they like.

I was standing in the kitchen with my brother, Matt who had been told to cut the Mars bar in half so that we could share it.  Matt cut it very unevenly, and in true big brother fashion, gave me the smallest piece.  I of course exclaimed as any child would, "It's not fair."  My mother in the other room, overheard and simply exclaimed, "Life isn't fair."

My reply each time my children say, "It's not fair" is the same thing, "Life isn't fair.  I learned that as a child when I was standing in the kitchen while my brother, Matt cut....."
And my children begin to roll their eyes...

(For the record, I always make my children do the 'someone breaks/the other chooses' practice when sharing something.)

All that brings me back to the Twix bar I ate today.
I broke and I chose.
And I enjoyed every bite of it.

And Mike didn't even complain. After all, life isn't fair, is it?

(And that will probably be my answer when Megan starts looking for the rest of her Twix... )


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