Monday, August 9, 2010

A Memory For Monday (Continued...)

(Camping in American Fork canyon, August 9,1996 Tiffany, Mike, Brett and Melanie)

Remember this evening, when I finally built up the courage to tell Mike I liked him more than a friend and he told me "You're like a sister. I could never kiss a sister."?

Well, though it took me a few weeks of tears and heartache (and slight disappointment in the Lord because I knew I had been prompted to tell him...)  I moved on.

 Spring ended and summer began. And after a few initially awkward phone calls and in-person interactions with Mike, I realized he would always be a great friend.  Mike graduated from college and moved home to really get his landscape company going, and I continued doing what I was doing.

I was actually beginning to really enjoy my summer, which I was enjoying even more because of a boy named Chad.  Upon meeting Chad, we become very close friends.  I remember distinctly a drive through a canyon road with Chad discussing my experience with Mike and chalking it all up to 'good experience.'  I was finally over Mike, I was so relieved.

I really liked Chad. 

Summer was passing quickly, and one Thursday night, I got a phone call from Mike lamenting that summer would be over too quickly and we (meaning him, me, Melanie and Brett) needed to go camping again soon.  And so with four amendable schedules, we pulled together a last minute camping trip for the next night.

It was so fun.  The four of us had a great time relaxing and being together.  Laughing and getting along just like old times.

Except for one thing.
Mike had obviously been THINKING. A.LOT. since that fateful May 22nd day that had occured almost three months previously.

And so,
While laying under the stars talking to Mike, I was completely taken by surprise when Mike turned to kiss me.

But I don't think I was as surprised as he was, when I quickly turned away from him as our lips barely brushed and whispered,

"I really like Chad."


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