Thursday, August 5, 2010

Winding Down

Though I am experiencing severe guilt over it...

I am beginning to count the days until summer vacation is over.
No more "Oh I can't get enough of my kids, I love spending time with them."
(Ok, well I'm not entirely convinced I have ever said that at any point this summer, but it sounds nice in theory...)

And though I am not looking forward to backpacks in the mudroom,  paper-throw-up on my counter everyday at 3:45pm, strictly enforced bedtimes, homework, taking two little boys to stores, and PTA assignments, I am looking forward to this:
Return to routine.  Scripture reading, family prayers, cleaning schedules, meaningful Family Home Evenings and Sunday School lesson preparation, for some reason are much easier during the school year.

Less food consumed.  Even taking into consideration either school lunch or a packed home lunch, there is much less money spent in the grocery category of my budget during the school year.

The end of Otter Pops and popsicles.  The key to my outside freezer is lost, therefore Joshua has free reign of the Otter Pops.  Actually, who am I kidding?  I'm sure they'll be all gone before tonight, there's no way they'll last two and a half more weeks.  But Joshua or not, I am tired of the constant 'sharing with the whole neighborhood' and thus all the Otter Pop wrappers and popsicle sticks that are found all over my yard.

A clear driveway.  At any given point there are bikes, wagons, strollers, scooters, etc. covering the driveway. 

Less chatter.  My older two kids DO.NOT.SHUT.UP. The chatter is constant.  Everything from 'Guess what I dreamed about?' to 'Do you know what I think would look good?' and so on and so forth. 

Longer lasting cleanliness.  Today as I was cleaning one room upstairs, I heard Ellie in a different room emptying out the baby doll clothes drawer, Drew in a separate room emptying out the Lincoln Logs, Joshua in his room throwing out every pair of shorts in his drawer in search of his Wrangler's, Luke practicing the piano (which inevitably means Megan and Ellie's music strewn all over the place) and Megan in her room dinking around instead of cleaning it.

Cooler temperatures.  I don't like the heat.  That combined with all of the above makes me less than pleasant.

Of course I love my kids. You know I do. I know I do. And most importantly, they know I do.
But, let the back to school countdown begin...


adrienne said...

I'm sure that I will feel the same way when my kids are old enough to be in school. I love routine, and I'm also not a fan of the HOT summer temperatures, which means I'm more ornery and short tempered.

Michelle said...

AMEN! I am so ready to go back to work.

4 Peanuts and a Cashew said...

Well said Tiffany! I love my kids too, but this part of the summer is when laziness, more fighting, and worse attitudes set in. I am looking forward to being excited to see them at 3:45 when they walk in the door.

Stecky said...

I wish we could spread our break out into the 'funner' months. I would love April, May and December off. Or something similar. Or just all of spring. I am kind of ticked that the two extra days off are in the middle of February.
I am looking forward to a routine also....but I HATE school.

JACK's house said...

You make me smile. I'm looking forward to having the time to find out what I would like to do with myself...without them around.

Lesley said...

I always looked forward to school getting out... and when it was time for it to start again. Even with just one child in the public school system, I too am ready to get back into the routine. This will be my last 'first day of school' in 27 years. Should I be crying? I just might that day. Maybe I will buy myself something... flowers, chocolates, lunch, or all of the above :-)

It's always fun to read about your family. You guys are awesome. You have the American dream.

Shana said...

I've never been so excited for school to start, but that's only because I'll be having my baby that day! Wahoo!!! I am excited to have my oldest start preschool, because I know he'll need and love it.

Leslie said...

i wanted to say thank you.

Karlyn said...

I'm pretty sure I never said how much I enjoy hanging out with the kids in the summer....I'm SO not that mom! So glad that there is someone that understands how I feel.

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