Monday, January 24, 2011

Dessert Anyone?

Last Fall our neighbor friends introduced Mike and me to 'Skookies.'  It seemed at least once a week, Mike and I would put our kids to bed or in front of a movie and we'd head over to Kari and Kellen's for dessert!  Our kids always heard the word 'Skookie', and we always lied assured them they wouldn't like them and they weren't missing out...

And then our FABULOUS friends gave us our own Skookie pans as a Christmas gift.

We accepted the gifts graciously and interpreted them as,

"We love you so much we'd like you to have your own pans"
"Here's your own pans. Now leave us alone on the weekends."

(Warm, freshly baked chocolate chip cookies topped with ice cream. 
Yum! And I don't even usually love cookies.)

By the way, we usually always have at least two people per Skookie, but Luke and I had much bigger eyes than our stomachs one evening--we ate until we were sick, still not finishing our portions!  We now have a 'Two-Person-Per-Pan Rule'.

And surely this has to be the cutest picture ever of someone dishing themselves up some ice cream!?

Mike often says he can skip dessert when there is a good main course (good meat).
Not me.
ALWAYS, ALWAYS room for dessert.


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