Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Playing House

Remember my thoughts about children playing 'house' here in this post? 
In case you're not one to follow links, I'll remind you of a few of my words...

Many years ago, I was babysitting a four year old girl, whose parents were going through a divorce/break-up (actually I'm not sure if they were even married now that I think about it).
The little girl, with baby dolls and strollers, was playing house.  As she played, I could hear her say things in a mad voice such as, "I don't want to have her tonight. It's your turn." or  "I have things to do, I'm not watching her."
Of course I was shocked.  But I realized, that our children 'play house,' very similarly to their real life 'house.'

Well now, I eat my words after hearing Ellie and Joshua playing house today...

Ellie "Say 'Our mom is in jail'?"
Joshua: "Yeah because our mom was at a baseball game and she threw a baseball at someone and then she went to jail."

FYI in my defense:
1. It's been a few years since I was even at a baseball game!
2. Have you ever seen me aim and throw?

FYI for my children's play:
1. Mom has been known to throw the occasional paper/toy/item in a not so nice manner when it is not in its proper place.
2. We have very vivid imaginations and we are very good at PRETENDING.

There you have it!


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