Monday, January 10, 2011

Dinner's Ready

Remember this guy last year?  The one who told Mike while talking to him on the phone that it sounded like Mike was at the zoo, instead of at home on a pleasant Sunday morning?  Well I met Mark the other week as I stepped into an elevator with Mike.  I had no idea who he was as he said, "I enjoyed reading your blog."  My face must as looked as dumbfounded and confused as my mind as he continued, "I'm the one you wrote about, Mike told me about it."

I was slightly embarrassed.

I thought of him the other night during dinner.
It was a relatively average dinner at our house.
But I was glad there was no phone call that could risk overhearing dinnertime in our home.

There is really no telling what one might hear in the background, even though it is pretty much the same routine every night.

Drew sits at the table, spoon and bowl in hand before the food preparation is even finished.
Joshua looks at the food on his plate.
Ellie moves the food around on her plate.  Ellie has figured out if she is quiet and doesn't vocalize her complaints, rarely will anyone notice that she hasn't eaten and thus suffers no 'Didn't eat dinner consequence.'
Luke snarfs it all down with lots of water during the final two minute count he has before he is sent to bed for the night. 
Megan is a pleasant dinner participant.
Mike is also a pleasant dinner participant.
As for me, I can be heard saying my standard line every night, "You telling me dinner is yucky, is just like me seeing a project you drew/colored/made and saying, "That's ugly."  Oh, that line is always preceeded or proceeded by, "I don't know why I keep doing this night after night."  I have a few other 'regular lines' but you get the picture...

(Please note, the reason for these pictures of us enjoying dinner together eating dinner together the other night...)  During dinner, Drew reached into the meatloaf pan, and with the large serving spoon picked himself up an over-sized portion of meatloaf which he promptly put in his mouth.  Of course, by the time the camera was retrieved, the original kodak moment was gone....)

Welcome to dinner.
We hope you enjoy...

Please note the lack of plate in front of Joshua and the disgusted look on Ellie's face...
In fact, just to be sure, let's get a closer look at what meatloaf, baked potato and corn can do to Ellie...
This is the proud look of a one year old who just successfully retrieved a large portion of meatloaf from the pan and placed the whole thing in his mouth.
(Un)Fortunately, my dad wasn't at dinner, so no one reminded Luke not to wear a hat at the table...
If I remember correctly, Joshua, upon being told that nothing could enter his mouth until the next morning if he didn't eat any dinner, took a bite.  You decide for yourself if he liked what he tasted or not...
Megan with the 94 cent cup she just had to have from Walmart last week...
(And yes, most weeknights I serve food right from the pan.  Once a week the china, cloth  napkins, matching glasses and fancy platters come out, the rest of the time? What you see is what you get...)

I used to really enjoy cooking.  But now that we have well and truly concluded that there are only two meals that don't cause contention, crying, tears and threats, dinner preparation and dinnertime seem less desirable than scrubbing toilets.

But yet we do it.
Every single night.
Dinner as a family with a home-cooked meal.

I worry about the adage,'perfection comes through repetition.'
Because we are going to be perfect at all the wrong things...

 I'm just glad the other night when Mike's phone rang just as we were finishing up eating dinner, he stepped into the garage to take the call...


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