Thursday, January 6, 2011

Front Room Sounds

So back in November when our piano teacher decided she really should settle down and get ready for the birth of her second baby, rather than come to our house weekly to teach three piano students, we had some decisions to make...

We arranged a new piano teacher for Megan. (Her harp teacher just graduated with a degree in piano--how great is that?!)

As for Ellie and Luke, we had to think a little harder. We didn't feel we needed to pay the price of Megan's teachers, when they aren't as advanced (yet ;).  And, we have been very spoiled with our piano (and harp) teachers coming to our home for the past couple of years, so something close to home was very appealing...

With three children in musical lessons and one in horse lessons and five growing kids and seven need-to-eat-bellies, the cost was a definite consideration...
Having a twelve year old with some serious musical talent was certainly on our minds...
Having two other children who don't always enjoy piano couldn't be dismissed either...

But since November, for better or for worse, it's sorta been working.
Megan is the new piano teacher.

Megan is very different from any past piano teachers we've had..
  • She sent us an enveloped invoice when our payment was past due.
  • She rings the doorbell and makes a grand entrance when it's time for Ellie's lesson.
  • She once called Mike and resigned from being one of the student's teachers. (Her resignation was only accepted for one week.)
  • She is occasionally known to march into the kitchen and demand the lesson to be over.
  • We hear loud sounds coming from the front room that do not come from a piano.
Megan is rich in musical talent and not quite as rich in patience with her siblings, but for the most part it is working well for all of us.

Thanks to some advice, information and ideas from her Aunt Christie who is currently working on her Doctorates in Piano Studies, in addition to teaching Luke and Ellie, Megan has been helping the neighbor girl weekly with her piano studies, and counting it as a YW value experience.

But, the highlight of all Megan's music studies and dedication came this last Tuesday.  Megan had her first 'REAL PIANO STUDENT'.  (We aren't sure what Megan considers Luke and Ellie, but obviously not 'real'...)

Her school friend, Seth.  (Who I also happen to think is one of the cutest, nicest, politest boys in 6th grade.)
Seth didn't fight and Seth didn't argue.
Megan didn't complain and Megan didn't resign.
Seems like it just might be a good fit.

Happy Teaching, Megan.


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