Sunday, January 23, 2011

Friends and Miracles

(Brandi, Tiffany, Kim, Scarlet)
I love these ladies.  They are dear, dear friends.  Though some of us have been friends with each other for longer, the four of us have been friends together for six years now.   We have shared babies, deaths, struggles and joy.  We have shared some of our most personal, deepest thoughts and we have laughed until it hurts.  They are the true definition of 'friends.' I love them dearly.
(Brandi & Keith, Tiffany & Mike, Kim & Alan, Scarlet & Mark)
As I sat at a restaurant table surrounded by these wonderful people yesterday, I could not help but take my mind back to my thoughts and feelings on December 4th, when we should have been together and we weren't.

Sitting across the table and being able to look Mark and Scarlet in the eye is nothing short of a miracle.  I add my voices to the myriad of doctors that have already said it, 'Mark is a miracle.'  I love what Scarlet wrote on her blog yesterday, "Dr. Cook told him on Friday that his great challenge now is to figure out what the Lord wants him to do, why He allowed him to live and stay on the earth." 

Though Mark still has a lot of progress still to make, and a long journey ahead of him, being with him yesterday strengthened my faith in a God who loves us, hears our prayers, and performs miracles still today. 


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