Wednesday, January 19, 2011


We just finished up a long weekend. Kids home from school, husband home from work and nothing really planned.  I have no major event to record.  No fancy field trip to tell about. No photos to show. No fabulous outing to describe.

Though at the time it seemed we were doing 'nothing.'
Looking back, it seems we did 'everything.'

We went on a family walk/bike ride and get caught in a major hail storm.  With some on bikes, some on foot, and a lucky one in a partially covered stroller, we arrived home out of breath, with sore faces from hail and hair as wet as though we'd just showered.  At 4:45pm we all changed out of wet clothes and into our pajamas and settled down to a co-operative task of fixing tacos for dinner---everyone's all time favorite meal!

We enjoyed a family movie night sans two children, viewing the old favorite, E.T. We all relished in a little less chaos with two less noisemakers.

We enjoyed an evening with extended family and an evening with dear friends.

We enjoyed a laughter filled game of 'Quickly-pull-your-candy-attached-to-a-string-before-the-pan-lid-slams-down-on-it' that Megan enthusiastically introduced to us.   (We did our best to ignore Joshua's incessant requests of "When can I eat it?")

I love what Elder Uchtdorf said in his last General Conference address,

"In family relationships love is really spelled t-i-m-e, time."

I couldn't agree with him more.  We don't have a lot of fancy toys, we don't really have a lot of extra money, but we have T-I-M-E.  And as a mother of rapidly growing children, I am finding that is one of the best things of all.

Although I must point out that I am not in agreement with Elder Uchtdorf's next sentence, "Taking time for each other is the key for harmony at home." 
Case in point: 
  • One child preferred to make a leather case for their chapstick instead of pitching in with all the others to assist with dinner preparation.
  • One child slammed their finger in a heavy container and the rest of us spent the whole day reeling from the loud whining effects. 
  • One child felt the need to watch the movie with their feet about twelve inches from another child's face.
  • One child caused Mom to still be fighting with them about unbrushed teeth at 5:25PM.
  • One child's frequent attempts to turn on their own DVD, resulted in an unfixable DVD player. 
Maybe it isn't so much that I don't 'agree' with Elder Uchtdorf's claim, it's just that we haven't yet found that exact result.  'Harmony at home' is not exactly how I'd describe our home.  But what's the big deal?  Sure we may not have a lot of harmony together, but we do have a lot of T-I-M-E together.  And if that is really how you spell love, then we're probably doing ok.


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