Friday, January 7, 2011

A Morning Headache

Last night my brain would not shut down. It took me far too long to fall asleep, and so when the alarm went off four hours later to get Megan up and out the door at 5:10am, my head didn't feel very good.

After walking Megan down the street in my slippers, pajamas and big winter coat (in the teen degree temperature) to her YW leader's house I returned to bed.

I was still sleeping quietly when Megan returned.
I was still sleeping quietly as Megan cooked herself and all of the kids some eggs for breakfast.
I was still sleeping while Megan did Ellie's hair.
I was still sleeping while Megan packed two home lunches.
I was still (okay, well by now I was mostly awake) when Luke practiced the piano with no one reminding or asking him to.
I was still laying in bed while I listened to four people demanding Megan's attention.

"Megan, listen to this song."
"Megan, we bought apple juice yesterday. I want that."
"Da-Da-Da" (Drew's sounds for anything that could have ranged from asking for anything from food to a diaper change)
"Megan, will you pour the juice for me?"
"Megan, I want a capri-sun in my lunch."
"Megan, where are my shoes?"

Megan was actually very patient. I didn't even feel the slight bit guilty, but instead laid in bed worn out at the constant demands being asked of Megan, and realized it is NO WONDER I am WORN out when my three oldest kids walk out of the house at 8:21am.

I finally dragged myself out of bed at 7:47am. Sat on the couch with Joshua,read a book, and laughed out loud when it was finished and as I closed the book heard him exclaim, "That was a great book!"

I did not laugh however when at 8:22am, Ellie was standing in the front yard screaming and crying (long story) and I simply said, "Goodbye. I love you. Have a good day, and don't you dare miss the bus." I then turned around, locked the front door and watched her from the front window.

I'm certainly going to take Megan up on her offer as I laid in bed of, "You can do this once a week."
The one exception?
I'll stay in bed until 8:23am.

Happy Friday!!


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