Monday, March 7, 2011

Always the First

Megan's turn!

I remember distinctly the exact location I was at in a busy American Fork intersection, when I realized my life would never again be the same.  Megan was about two weeks old and was snuggled quietly in her carefully chosen navy blue plaid car seat in back of me.  As the light turned and I came to a stop, I heard the what were becoming familiar, newborn sounds coming from the backseat.   I vividly recall the post-partum blues feeling that thought, "Aagh-When will I ever be alone again?"

Now, here I am almost twelve and a half years later!

Even without any post-partum blues, I still find myself asking, "Aagh-When will I ever be alone again?"  Though I have never found an acceptable answer to my question, I ask the question now with a much clearer mind.  For that, I have Megan to thank.

Motherhood really isn't so bad.  And Megan, must not have been too bad of a baby and/or toddler, or we surely wouldn't have done it four more times.

Megan is pretty much the ideal first-born.  She's all those things you hope a first-born will be.  (She's also some not-so-pleasant-other stuff, but today that's neither here nor there!)

I love that when Megan comes home from places, I never have to ask her if she said, 'Please' and 'Thank you'.  I never have to worry that she treated others kindly.

I love that Megan shows an array of emotions in any given day.  Okay, so maybe I don't always exactly love it, but she's a girl--an almost teenage one at that, and so I simply embrace the the opportunity to learn more patience.  (I think that sentence sounds like I have better mothering skills than saying, "Some days I want to scream and yell at her, but I refrain.)

Megan picks and chooses what she wants to do, when she wants to do it.  She is the queen of distraction and diddle-daddling.  Qualities that are both endearing and disenchanting all at the same time.

One of my favorite things I love about Megan is how conscious she is of my mothering.  From her quip back as a nine year old at a local parade when the Mother of the Year float passed by, when she turned and said, "You'll never be that, huh, Mom?" to just yesterday when she said, "You could be a better Mom.  You could be a worse Mom."  Then when I jokingly said, "I could be better?"  She said, "Well, maybe not."  (I assured her of course we can ALL be better!)

(She also in true Megan, politeness said, "I notice you don't swear as much as you used to." So of course, in true Tiffany, realness said, "Well that's a d^#@ good thing isn't it?")

Recently, Megan and one other student qualified to represent her class at the school spelling bee.  She was not too thrilled, but we put it on the calendar.  And then nobody bothered to look at the calendar,  until the night before at 9:45pm Megan came into our room and loudly proclaimed, "Tomorrow is the spelling bee, I haven't even looked at the list."

Megan looked at the list for five minutes in class the next day.  Apparently, Megan looked down at me as they announced her 'Second place win' and in Megan's words I quote, "Both your hands were on your cheeks and you were mouthing the words, ..." Ok, well I don't need to say she guessed correctly thinks I said."

Similarly, a few days later, the phone call went the same way as the aforementioned 'spelling bee mouthed surprise' when she called me to tell me she won the school science fair!  So off she had to go to the District Science Fair a couple of weeks later.  Megan opted to skip the 'District Science Fair Award Ceremony' because, really aren't Science Fair winners supposed to be kids that actually enjoyed doing their projects?  Guess not, as the morning after the District Award Ceremony, I get a phone call from Megan at school saying, "Mom, you aren't going to believe what I'm going to say!" "I got third place at the district fair."

That's just kind of how Megan does things.
Except for keeping her closet floor clean.  I'm not quite sure she'd be in the running for an award for that.
Oh well.  Probably a good thing,  otherwise she'd almost be perfect.

Well, except for going to bed at night without visiting our bedroom 5,439 times first.
So I guess we'll surmise, that even if Megan is not exactly perfect, she's pretty darn decent.


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