Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Record Of My People

The other morning before school, Luke read us the story of Enos from the Book of Mormon.  Who knows exactly who was listening as I'm pretty sure someone was throwing a temper tantrum, someone was still looking for their shoes, and someone was vrmming a car along the floor.  You know, the typical morning routine...

Luke obviously had more faith in everybody's attention span.  His Family Home Evening lesson that night was "a game about the story of Enos to see what you learned this morning."

After the first question, he decided to re-read the story.  As he read about Enos praying that the 'Lord would preserve the records' I interrupted him and took a moment to share some thoughts dear to my heart.

I shared briefly with my family, my love for journal writing that began as a young child.  From prophets of old, to prophets now, we are encouraged to record our thoughts, memories and personal histories.  I consider my blog, my camera and my photo albums and my volumes of personal journals, a modern-day 'record of my people.'    (Why aren't ALL the commandments so easy for me to obey?)

Which let me digress for just a moment--
For Luke's Family Home Evening game, he had us all sit lined up on the kitchen chairs.  As we sat there lined up watching Luke, I felt such joy in being with my little family.  I asked Luke to take a picture.  No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't get it not blurry.  And look at us!!!! Mike in his robe with socks and flip-flops, Megan in a green shirt  with purple sweats (I PROMISE SHE DID NOT WEAR THAT OUTFIT TO SCHOOL!), and me comfy and cozy in my jammies.

So after all the blurry ones, I decided to set the camera on timer.  You can see how well that one went... Mike (with his eyes shut no less) clearly giving Joshua a 'counting warning.' and I didn't even make it in the shot before it went off. (Luke was off writing out a certificate for the winner.) This is our life. I LOVE IT.

And so, it brings me to today.  My dear friend Lesley, recently 'tagged' me on a blog post.  And my first thought was, "Oh no, do I have to?"  Love you Lesley ;)  

I thought about her blog tag this morning, and I realized what a perfect way to record some everyday stuff about me!  Even though some of the details may not be significant or of any importance in the grand scheme of things, they are about me.
And one day I (and generations to follow) may enjoy looking back and reading it.  And that my friends, is exactly what our personal records are for.
So, here you have it:

four places I go
1. the elementary school
2. grocery shopping
3. neighbor's house (usually to find my children and / or husband that seem to always migrate there)
4. exercising with my friend

four favorite smells
1. aroma of flowers in the air in the summer (especially petunias from people's gardens/pots)
2. sweet pea lotion/gel from Bath & Body
3. drew lotioned up after his tub
4. coming in the door to dinner cooking

four favorite TV shows/movies
1. i don't really watch any shows now except the news
2. but I used to love Beverly Hills 90210
3. once a year I 'make' Mike watch 'The Notebook' with me
4. i sometimes listen with half an ear (while I read) on Saturday nights when Mike watches 48 Hour Mystery

four recommendations
1. don't ever feel obligated
2. if you have 'an issue' with someone, do your best to resolve it
3. don't diet
4. give compliments

And instead of 'tagging' others, I'll just encourage us all to be good 'record keepers of our people.'

Happy Thursday! (Incidentally-Thursday has always been my favorite day of the week!)


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