Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What Battles to Pick?

Despite the potentially high stress situations around here, things have been running pretty smoothly.  There are several circumstances that really could lend themselves to hot tempers, raised voices and unkind words, but they aren't really happening.

Well okay- if you don't count the part where I had to put myself in a time-out last night after dinner.

But that's kind of what I mean--I knew to separate myself from the rest of the family before my voice raised fair too many decibels.

I think for the most part it is because I'm letting go of certain things.  I don't mean, we're all turning to lazy bums, or giver-uppers, I'm just choosing to 'pick my battles' a little more wisely.

AND, it is important to note, that though I may not be picking a particular battle today, doesn't mean in a few months I won't choose to pick it then.

I'm not having a constant battle with Ellie with her music--she is not quite seven.  Her personality is not quite co-operative, and for now, she plays when she wants to, and Megan is kindly accommodating Ellie's request for a lesson when Ellie decides she wants one.

I'm closing Megan and Ellie's bedroom door more and more.  Enough said.

I don't mind putting the laundry away by myself.  My kids have enough tasks they regularly do, putting away their laundry is not going to be one of them.

Setting the table for dinner just isn't quite happening around here.  And I'm getting to be okay with that.  My kids have limited playtime outside as it is with school, homework, scouts, YW, etc. etc. that I haven't been calling everyone to dinner until it's served.  A nicely set table is not necessary every night.  I'm beginning to accept that.

Now, with all of that said.

Megan and Luke are going to learn to do the dishes together if it kills me or them, or all of us.

Ready for the "walking to school up hill both ways speech"?  My brother, Matt and I did the dishes pretty much every night by ourselves.  And that was for many years before a dishwasher!!!  We knew to wash the glasses first so they didn't get 'foggy', then move onto the silverware, then plates, then pots and pans...  We survived.  Okay-well, we may not exactly be each other's favorite people right now in our lives, but hey-I don't think it is the fault of washing dishes together.

It is all out war-fare around here when Megan and Luke do the dishes.  One day last week, Mike and I left for an hour or so with instructions for Megan and Luke to do the dishes.  Suffice it to say that I consider it a plus that they both survived it unscathed, but Megan and Luke doing the dishes together is one battle for some reason I refuse to give up.

If you can put two and two together-you'll find the reason why I put myself in a time-out last night!

Half of my time-out, I spent wondering if I should just relax about the dishes or persevere?  The other half I answered the pleading knockings and the sudden urgent requests on the other side of the bedroom door, such as "Can I play on the computer?" or "What new book should I start reading?"

Back to the relaxing or persevering?  I haven't made a decision...


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