Friday, March 11, 2011

Leave Me Alone

"When you are exasperated by interruptions, try to remember that their very frequency may indicate the value of your life. Only people who are full of help and strength are burdened by other persons needs. The interruptions which we chafe at are the credentials of our indispensability. The greatest condemnation that anybody could incur - and it is a danger to guard against - is to be so independent, so unhelpful, that nobody ever interrupts us, and we are left comfortably alone."
-Reverend Canon Hughes

I've had this quote hanging in my kitchen for a couple of months now.  Some days it serves very well to pep myself up about the constant interruptions, which really means I am important and all that good stuff.

But then there are other days, I can't help but day-dream about how glorious it really would be, to be left comfortably alone.

Alas, I am a mother of five young children and wife to a husband who has been home laying in bed for over a month.
I don't know what alone means.


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