Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Loving Them All

Contrary to my BFF, I love all the months of the year, all the seasons, all the weathers, and so on.
This morning as I said goodbye to my kids at the front door, the sky was a clear, bright blue and the sun was shining. And though the temperatures are still not quite warm, without a doubt, it was obvious Spring is in the air. I said aloud to my kids, "Just look at that sky. That is certainly a March 1st kind of sky."

(I see these mountains all day, every day from my kitchen window. I love them.)

This morning I went on a late morning walk by myself, I had to remove my sweatshirt mid-way, it is a pleasant contrast to the layers my friend, Lori and I have had to wear while exercising for the last couple of months.  I continued to enjoy the clear blue sky, this time focusing on the stark white contrast of snowy mountain peaks (remember I'm trying to capture the beauties more).  I felt sheer exhilaration as I anticipated the sunny days of Spring.  I can't wait to see bulbs poking through the dirt, rows of vegetables planted neatly in a row, my Flowering Plum shrubs with their delicate pink blooms, and my Flowering Pear tree with it's stunning white blossoms.

As I began to think, 'Spring is my favorite', I realized that wouldn't be accurate.

I love every month and every season.
I love March.  I love that no matter the temperatures, simply because my calendar is turned to March, I know Spring is almost here.

I love April.  I love the bulbs that have finally bloomed. I love Easter.  I love light in the evenings. I love my anniversary. I love spring showers.

I love May.  I love the anticipation of school ending soon. I love planting a garden. I love planting flowers in my pots.  I love seeing the proof that my perennials survived another dreary winter.

I love June. I love the last day of school.  I love the newness of lazy summer days. I love celebrating the Summer Solstice. I love the snow that is all of a sudden gone from the mountain tops.

I love July. I love Independence Day. I love pioneer heritage celebrations.   I love barbeques.  I love neighbors outside talking on warm evenings.  I love my flower garden in full bloom.

I love August. I love the anticipation of school starting again.  I love knowing lazy summer days will end.   I love buying school supplies.  I love fresh produce from my vegetable garden.

I love September. I love the newness and re-commitment a new school year brings.  I love the cooler temperatures that are welcomed after a hot summer. I love evening walks. I love family bike rides.

I love October. I love my birthday.  I love the fall colors.  I love pumpkins decorating front porches.  I love the end of having to care for a vegetable garden.  I love my Black-Eyed Susans that out-bloom every other flower in the garden.

I love November. I love Thanksgiving. I love the time change that brings dark evenings.  I love the excitement of Christmas that is in the air.  I love the putting away of outside things in anticipation of winter.

I love December. I love the snowstorms when I have nowhere to go. I love the smell of my Christmas tree. I love seeing well-done Christmas lights.  I love turning lights on in the early evening.

I love January. I love feeling cozy at home on hazy, smoggy days.  I love the feeling of newness a new year offers.  That's about all I love about January.

I love February. I love that spring is right around the corner. I love the odd day of mild temperatures.  I love there are only 28 (sometimes 29) days in the month.

And now we are back to March.
I love and appreciate it all.
Of course I favor some more than others.
But you will RARELY hear me complain about the weather, the temperatures (unless it is hotter than 95 degrees), or the seasons.
I love all twelve months and all four seasons.

Unlike my BFF...


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