Tuesday, March 8, 2011

To Write Or Not

There are days I consider packing in the blog, and relying more heavily on my personal journal and a good old fashioned photo album.

But, alas, I have not yet given it in.  I love the ease and speed in which I can record a memory, a moment or a thought.

Blogging is a very interesting phenomenon--and though, I myself read a fair number of blogs, I have a few blogging pet-peeves.

Why do I write?  To record my thoughts, feelings and memories, or for others to read, or both!?  I would be lying if I didn't say, I love receiving kind thoughts, compliments and comments, but that isn't the reason I write.  I don't have a blog to see how many followers or readers I can generate.  And though, I do enjoy reading the comments I receive, I do occasionally consider turning off the comment option.  Several people frequently Facebook, email or text me comments for them to be more private, I love receiving them all.  I write for me, and though I am THRILLED people care to read what I write, I don't write merely for the feedback.

I don't love the anonymity that the world wide web offers.  Whether it is blog comments or comments on newspaper articles, news stories, etc. I think anonymity goes hand in hand with cowardness.  The things people spout off all in the name of anonymity are hard to take seriously.  If you have something to say, you should be able to stand behind it.  Otherwise, I think you lose a lot of credibility.

Though blogs, certainly count as a journal, they should by no means take the place of my personal journal.  Whether a blog is private or public, there are some things that shouldn't be written for anyone but you to see. Enough said.

There seems to be such a pretense of 'life is all good' that springs forth from many blogs.  No one's life is perfect, no one's life is magical, and no one's life is without problems.  I don't want to ever paint an inaccurate picture of what my life is like.  I do my very best to balance the reality of my life without crossing the line into problems or situations that really don't have a place in such a public forum.

When somebody tells me my life 'seems charmed' or 'I want my family  to be like yours when I grow up' I wonder if I am painting an inaccurate portrayal of my life.  I slam doors, I throw books and I raise my voice.   My toilets have dried pee on them, my floor hasn't been mopped in a few weeks, I could write a love note in the dust on my bedroom dresser and my children have many less than desirable qualities.  But then again, I am a realist.  I see through most 'life looks perfect' on the outside of others, and assume too often people do the same to me.  But too many (women in particular) don't, and it does a disservice to us ALL.

Our life is FAR from perfect.  I hope I accurately portray that.

But for now, I'll keep on blogging.  I love uploading a picture, typing a few sentences and VOILA- having a record of my people.  And having that record, combined with my love of writing, is really why I continue to do this.  And if a few people enjoy it along the way, then it's probably worth it!

PS-Just to clarify--On my four recommendations on my 'Record of My People' post, they were recommendations.  I did not and have not ever, ever, claimed to have mastered any of them.  Therefore there is no hypocrisy involved.  Just sayin'!


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