Thursday, November 24, 2011

Gratitude for Anything and Everything

Hopefully I don't have to do a long, drawn up blog post to assure everyone that we are indeed grateful and thankful for the abundance of blessings we enjoy daily. We've had our '7th Annual We Are Thankful papers up all month, and it is great to see the children's innocent and sincere expression of thanks. Last week Mike made a list of 'miracles and things we never could have guessed would happen' for the year, but most of the things that made it on that list are too personal and sacred to share publicly.

Our 'We are thankful for' list covers anything from good health to umbrellas and polite people to drawers. It is so hard to narrow down even in the course of a day the things that stand out most in my thankful mind. But the other night while Megan taught the lesson for Family Home Evening lesson, one thing to be thankful for was clear.

The perspective and joy that comes only from a child...

Megan gathered us together complete with theater type seating to tell us the story of The First Thanksgiving. complete with quite the diorama depicting that first feast. We were instructed to not touch anything, and to sit quietly and listen. Luke was instructed to leave the group temporarily when his socks were removed and Mike was almost asphyxiated. Luke soon joined us again after washing his feet and subsequently putting on three pair of socks to prevent any unwashed stinks leaking out.

I digress.
As Megan was reading the story (with time limits pre-determined by Mike, because she can have the tendency to ramble),  Hmm-who does she get that from?!
Ellie interrupted Megan's lecture, disobediently arose from her seat and almost touching the display, pointed to the Indian on the front row and blurted out,

"What would happen if that had fallen off?"
And that my friends, is what Thanksgiving is around here.
The pilgrims, the indians, the blessing of abundance and happy that clothing stays where it is supposed to.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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