Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Bestest Best

I love, love, LOVE the megaphone I received for my birthday a few weeks ago. I really do. I love saying goodbye to my children WHILE they are at the bus stop, I love being able to call them home from dinner, and I love telling my husband I love him while he is upstairs in the shower and I'm downstairs in the kitchen. (Okay, well I haven't done that last one yet--Mike isn't a huge fan of the megaphone, so I'm trying hard not to press my luck with it.)

It really is one of the best birthday presents ever.

But if you can believe it. I got an even better birthday present than that. And I mean, hands down, the BESTEST birthday present ever. From none other than my BESTEST BEST FRIEND.

This was it:
(she felt bad the coupon wasn't fancier-but seriously-with that kind of content, who needs fancy?)

This last weekend we cashed it in. And it was H.E.A.V.E.N.
I don't even care that we had no exotic place to visit or a fancy hotel to stay in. We had the house all to ourselves for almost 48 hours. (Well Mike worked for 7 of those hours on Friday, and then we opened our home to the great couples that attended the Power of Moms workshop for a few hours, but the rest of the time it was MIKE and ME, ME and MIKE.

We Christmas shopped, we ate lunch together, we went out to dinner, Mike did a garage project, I did some computer work, we visited with each other, we laughed together, we relaxed. And darn it, I should have carried a camera around with us to capture some of our fun.

We plain and simple just enjoyed being together with absolutely no distractions.That is a rare, rare thing. (The distractions, not the enjoying each other.)

We spent the two days commenting over and over to each other how strange it was to not have 'stuff' lying around everywhere. Our stairs stayed clear of toys and debris, the hallways were empty, bathroom towels stayed on racks, and no shoes magically escaped the shoe basket.

I let go of the guilt after the first 20 minutes of saying goodbye to my children, and embraced the blessing of having such a fine friend. You can read all about the fun nail polish party, sledding, and news desk dinners here on Melanie's blog.
I have to admit I felt an overwhelming sense of disappointment as Mike left to pick up the children, especially after a text exchange with Melanie in which she said, "You are welcome, they could stay 5 more days...it has been no big deal. I think they have all had a lot of fun."

FIVE MORE DAYS!!!!?????!!!!!! But instead, even though I certainly could have enjoyed several more hours of uninterrupted time, it was time for the fairy tale to end. Besides, I was (semi) anxious to get our little family all back together under the same roof.

But then a few hours after all being back under the same roof, I started counting the days until next years birthday in hopes that it will be a repeated gift...

Just kidding. I shouldn't push my luck.

*All tongue-in-cheek joking aside. You can read HERE, about an experience I recently had when my daughter reminded me what motherhood is really about.*


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