Monday, November 7, 2011

Gunpowder, Treason and Plot

My English blood requires me to not only recognize and acknowledge November 5th as Guy Fawkes Day, but to celebrate it in good old English style. We've had all sorts of Guy Fawkes Day parties over the years, including our one last year where we had upwards of 40-50 people crammed in and out of the house. Typically, I have the bigger parties every few years when GFD falls on a Friday or Saturday, and on weekdays we have a much quieter celebration.

This year GFD was on a Saturday, but I just never really got into the mood of throwing a big bash. I think the politics of parties are beginning to wear on me a bit. You know the whole if you invite them, then you really ought to invite them. Or do I invite that group of friends/family, or that group of friends/family. Oh well, whether it was because of any of those reasons or all of those reasons, this year I plain and simply decided I wasn't doing a big sha-bang. (Which worked out very nicely considering it was 37 degrees on Saturday!!)

We did however, invite Melanie and her family over to celebrate with us. Simple, casual, no-stress, and no refereeing any childhood playing incidents. In good English style we had baked potatoes, (English) baked beans (most preferred chili) and sausages. Of course we had a small bonfire complete with the traditional burning of our own Guy Fawkes and some fireworks. Due to the freezing temperatures, we didn't last long outside. (Except for Melanie's husband, Bryan who stayed outside long enough to ensure all of his 'to be shredded pile' that made for some good stuffing for Guy Fawkes was properly burned and disposed of.)
I'm really not sure exactly what it is about my English heritage that causes me to abandon all lessons of respect and honor and allow my children to stand around watching a historical figure being burned in effigy. Really, back on the day in third or fourth grade when I had to dress up as Guy Fawkes himself for a brief role in a Guy Fawkes Day assembly, I could never have seen forward to the day I was celebrating around a fire with my American children!
Oh well, nonetheless here we are.
It's all about family traditions, right?


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