Tuesday, November 1, 2011

One of My Favorites

I know I really shouldn't get started doing a post about one friend, if I can't do one about all the others. But when my friend of six and a half years and I FINALLY get a photo of us together, I can't resist.
My dear friend Lesley.
Where do I begin?

We began our days as visiting teaching partners six and a half years ago, and for some reason we just clicked. I've had a lot of visiting teaching partners over the years, but none have I become as good of friends with as with Lesley. It doesn't matter that she is several years my senior, or that we are in completely different stages of life with our children and families. We get each other, and isn't that really what friendship is about?

A few of my favorite highlights of Lesley and me:

* I don't think we have ever been together and not laughed. We do it really well. So much so that we couldn't even get a decent picture of us without laughing our heads off first.
* Lesley had more faith than I did with my last two pregnancies. I wanted boys so badly and even though I never *found out* what Joshua and Drew were, she crocheted little boy blankets during each pregnancy. She proudly presented them at the hospital each time, assuring me she never doubted they were boys. (She never told me what sex she *knew* they were, she just assured me she was confident enough to be crocheting a particular color.)
* Lesley has much experience with life, and I love that in addition to always laughing together, it is very common one of us will cry too. Like I said, we get each other; tears or laughter.
* Lesley has an amazing daughter who was my children's FAVORITE babysitter until she got too old (old as in babysitting terms)
* Lesley and I can talk about people, places and things and know it is safe with each other. (Well besides our spouses named Mike-we know each other will likely tell our Mike)
* Over two years ago, Lesley and I started hosting a 'Favorites Party' twice a year. It's a highlight of our spring and fall. We're fun, how could people not want to be with us! ;)

If you don't know Lesley, you're missing out. If you do know Lesley, consider yourself lucky or blessed.

If you want to know more about my wonderful friend, you can check out this spotlight I nominated her for HERE at Power of Moms. Or you can read her often funny blog here, or some memoirs of her daughter who passed away here.

"I count myselt in nothing else so happy
As in a soul rememb'ring my good friends."
-William Shakespeare


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