Monday, November 14, 2011

A Nine Couple Date Night

What a wonderful evening Mike and I had on Friday night at a Power of Moms Couples Workshop. No matter how many times I attend or present at a Power of Moms Workshop or Retreat, I am amazed at the new stuff I learn from other great mothers and in this case, some great dads too.

There is something so uplifting about being gathered together in a room, with parents focused on their families and the systems they can implement in their homes. We had 9 couples representing 48 children!! (With twin babies on the way for one couple.) That is a lot of lucky children to have parents who put in the effort to make their families stronger.

I am SOOOO sad (and a little mad) that I forgot to get out the camera. I wish I had photos to capture some of the laughter, learning and listening that went on. These couples were such top-notch people. I was so happy to meet them and learn from them. So many fabulous ideas...
  • forming a 'Crazy Cleaners' group that makes cleaning times much more fun
  • becoming consistent and following through with the bag monster even for a teenager...
  • working out trades for the older children that are often used as family babysitters
  • not forgetting my younger children still need to be learning good lessons about work and rewards, instead of focusing more on the older ones
And plenty of other ideas that Mike and I continued to discuss over the weekend.

If anyone needs parenting help, it is me. Remember this photo from over a year ago, which now hangs in a very large frame in my front entry way. This is my life. I appreciate all the help I can get...
I found Power of Moms by a fluke almost two years ago, actually I take that back. It wasn't a fluke at all, it was something that I was meant to find. There hasn't been an article, program, or event that I have been a part of that I haven't learned something from.

Indeed, a fine place for mothers to gather. Check it out HERE

(Are you wondering where my children were during Friday night's workshop? More on that later--it is worthy of a whole blog post in itself!!)


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