Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What Makes a Good Mom?

According to a ten year old, it is the day the 'Mom bring McDonalds Lunch to School' coupon is redeemed.
My plan was to meet Luke at the doors as he was going into lunch and pass off a McDonalds Happy Meal.
Luke's plan that morning, was for mom to get McDonalds for her and the two little brothers and all eat lunch together in the school lunch room.


My ten year old wants to be seen with his mother (AND the two preschooler brothers that will inevitably be dragged along) eating lunch in the school lunch room?

Love it!

Except mom was feeling a little bit cheap and begrudged the fact that a single Happy Meal for one was now needing to turn into McDonalds for four. (Tight budgets around here people...)

So instead of McDonalds, Mom suggests picking up a $5 pizza and getting some free bread sticks with the coupon she's been saving.

You'd have thought Luke had died and gone to heaven at just the suggestion.

But seeing that ten year old's face and the faces of his three friends he had told could "share some pizza my mom is going to bring" while I stood there balancing a pizza box, a bag of bread sticks, a ringing cell phone and a throwing-a-fit-four-year-old was even better!

If it only takes a $5 pizza to turn a regular mom into a super-mom, guess I'll become a regular at the pizza store (and at the elementary school lunch room).
(Ellie thought she was pretty special when I let her stay an extra 10 minutes in the lunch room to join us.)
And that my friends is what makes a good mom!

...according to a ten year old.


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