Thursday, October 10, 2013


(Somewhat unrelated to this post, but I did get a good chuckle out of this when I saw it.)

Recently Mike and I reconnected with an old friend. We were thrilled to have renewed our association with him, after losing contact with him about a decade ago. In our recent conversations, it became apparent that this guy had done some searching for us online, and saw my name associated with all sorts of articles, activities, etc. Of course all connected to... motherhood.

Sometimes I feel badly that my name is associated with so much out there. Some days I wonder what I have to offer anybody... specifically, I'm having a hard time with the fact I'm heading to Arizona next weekend to talk amongst a group of mothers about enjoying motherhood.

Even though I do love being a mother, and I want to encourage other mothers to love motherhood, sometimes I find myself embarrassed to be so involved in the Power of Moms, a gathering place for deliberate mothers. I KNOW that the the deliberate in the Power of Moms byline is not referring to being deliberately unkind. Yet some days I feel like that is what I'm being.

Well, you know. Not that I am deliberately being unkind, but sometimes it just comes out...

Things like,

"Well, what's in it for me?"

"Don't talk to me anymore."

"You guys make me crazy."

"I am not a maid."

"I'm done."

"Goodnight. I don't want to see you until morning."

"Move over. I'm eating first."

"I'm checking out, and I don't know when I'll check back in."

Other times I don't even say anything, I just slam a door. (Or two.)

I probably should quit before losing any chance of respect.
Sometimes I'm a deliberate mother.
Other times?
Not so much.


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