Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Almost Forgotten Half

Sunday morning (September 29th), in the anticipation of company later in the day, I decided to make a chocolate cake for dessert. While melting the butter in the saucepan, I thought how long it had been since I had eaten my favorite dessert in any form.

With a sudden sense of panic, I realized, "Tomorrow is Drew's HALF birthday." I almost forgot all about it! Of course half birthdays mean chocolate cake (the box mix variety, although with HOMEMADE frosting), so I immediately set about finding a different dessert I could make with now melted butter and cocoa. Even I don't need chocolate cake two days in a row.

In an effort to not forget the next day was to be Drew's HALF birthday, I told him.


I forgot that when you are four and a HALF, you forget the difference between half birthdays and real birthdays.

I was greeted Monday morning, with no good morning, just a, "You said today was my half birthday."

"It is!" I replied with a big, isn't-that-so-exciting-and-I'm-trying-to-make-you-not-have-such-a-long-face-type smile.

With no smile reciprocated, Drew questioned, "Why didn't you hang up any birthday stuff?" Followed immediately with, "You're supposed  to make a treat to share with everyone at preschool."

(Yes, I give you permission at this point to judge my youngest child to suffer occasionally from what we choose to call "the youngest child syndrome.")

Oh then it all began! The siblings present in the kitchen and myself, all launched into a big "today is just your half birthday." "No one will sing Happy Birthday to you, and no one but us, and not until dinnertime later will recognize it." His face became even longer, when someone further announced, "And remember, you just get one present from the Dollar Store."

Really he should be grateful he even has the chance to have a half birthday--I made special care to make sure he was born before midnight on March 30th. Special care meaning, I spent far too much time and effort while in labor worrying his birthday might end up March 31st. As if I didn't have enough things during labor and delivery to worry about! A March 31st birthday could have been detrimental to our half birthday tradition.

Poor Drew.
Turning four and a HALF wasn't half as exciting as he thought it would be.


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