Saturday, October 12, 2013

One Five

Although I love all of my children's birthdays, there is something about Megan's that is a little different. I feel like it is a Mother's Day of sorts for me, it's the anniversary of me entering the world of motherhood. Except the anniversary really only matters personally in my mind. No one else gives it a thought. Especially Megan. It's all about Megan on her birthday. Hmmm... I wonder where she gets that from.

I could do a nice long post on all the reasons we love Megan, and list all the great things that made up her birthday-day. Except I'll just expound on the highlights.

Among other things, Megan got a new harp bench for her birthday. Which technically wasn't really a birthday present, but Mike and I just happened to buy it last weekend, and we figured we'd save it and give it to her on her birthday. We knew she'd be happy to be getting one to replace the one she has been using that is designed for 8-12 year olds.

I can't believe the non-birthday present (harp bench) is getting more attention than her "other present." Although it's a dang good thing she got the harp bench or she would never have found her other present until probably Monday. I'll explain...

As is customary around here, Megan opened up her presents on our bed first thing Saturday morning and was thrilled with all of them. She shows genuine excitement over just about anything. She's a pleasure to buy for. She loved all her presents.

Except one present we decided  to put on her harp music stand.  You know, for when she faithfully practices every day of her life without being asked and so she'd find it very quickly. Not really. Mike and I knew it would take a long time for her to find it. Mike was pretty smug about the fact she likely wouldn't find it until Monday after school. Which I knew was a reality. But come on! It's the girls birthday and she is NOT EXPECTING this present and it will be A FABULOUS surprise.
I was getting antsy. Mike was as relaxed as could be, and repeatedly kept saying to me, "Let it be." Finally, I sat across from him, looked him in the eye and said, "Think of a time you have had a fabulous gift for someone and you absolutely can't wait to give it to them because you know they will LOVE IT." I then interrupted any thoughts he was beginning to have and said, "Oh that's right. You never have."

(It didn't come out as rudely as re-reading that sentence sounds. But we're both in agreement that fabulous gift-giving isn't Mike's thing. And that's okay. He has plenty of other great qualities.)

I digress.

Ellie did practice her piano songs on Saturday morning, and saw Megan's gift sitting on the music stand. Ellie must have known it was quite likely Megan wouldn't find it for a couple days either, and opted to carry down the harp bench box for dad to put together, knowing Megan would want to test it out, and would subsequently see the present on HER BIRTHDAY, not Monday after school.

Kudos to Ellie.

Ellie lugged that box down the stairs, and proceeded to assemble the (somewhat preassembled) bench. Before long, Megan came down the stairs (showing me how her new shirt fit...thus the tags...), and opted to test out the harp bench.

(Excuse the beginning part where Mike was firmly asking Drew to pick up his boots and garbage.)

Don't worry, Mike didn't really make Megan have to practice first before she could have it.

That pretty much sums up Megan's 15th birthday.

Well, and the shopping and lunch with Mom part.
(That whole "Where is the actual camera I should be looking at instead of my face thing...?)

And Chinese take-out and ice cream cake with cousins Kate and Annie (and their parents).
Speaking of, we really should have gotten a photo of Megan and James. James is pretty much the reason the iphone is up and running, and Megan is able to fluently use it.

(AND the reason you don't see anymore grey circles on my blog. And the reason Megan was able to play 'Fugitive' at her "nightgames birthday party" last night with a bunch of teenagers...because James was willing to drive along the way. LOVE my brother.)

(First ever child's birthday cake I have bought instead of made. But she decided she wanted a DQ ice cream cake instead! Fine by me, I wasn't too keen on making either a moustache cake or a llama cake!)

Happy Birthday Megan!


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