Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Best Day of the Year

This was a text exchange between my brother and me this morning. Despite him being 750 miles away, I could see the look on his face as he typed the message. I could also feel his sarcasm oozing through the message.
I could say lots about my birthday. I could regale you with all the things that made it fabulous...
gifts, text messages, phone calls, Facebook greetings, emails, songs sung to me, remembering to give flowers to my mom, shopping, lunch with Mike and Drew, dinner with the family, etc. etc. etc.

Instead I'll keep it short and sweet with just a few highlights.

I may or may not have skipped attending a missionary farewell with Mike and the kids so that I wouldn't miss the Primary children singing a birthday song to me on Sunday.

I began my birthday celebrations on Monday, October 21st at precisely 5:55pm. (Wonder why? Click HERE.)

Ellie gets the importance of my October 21st celebration, and handed me a gift at 5:55pm at the same time Mike burst out into song.

Drew think's I am now 19-0-1.

By the time bed-time rolled around Tuesday night, and Mike said the family prayer, expressing due appreciation for me and my birthday, Megan was rolling her eyes and sighing loudly.

Speaking of Megan, she may have pointed out more than once that my birthday is all about "me."

Joshua had to go to the bathroom on the way to the restaurant, twice at the restaurant, and once on the way home.

Luke's homemade birthday card to me had a long heart-felt message on it. My favorite was the part he wrote, "And you're the mom with the best legs ever!"

I like being sung to. Whether it's my in-laws on the phone, the Primary children at church, waiters at the restaurant or my children around the kitchen table, Luke and his friends in the garage, or my niece in a video message, it makes me smile a HUGE smile.

It's preposterous to think the waitress actually asked, "Do you want to be sung to?"
Who doesn't?

And yes. In case you are wondering, I spent a fair amount of the day wearing this hat. Including, driving Megan to the junior high this morning, at a restaurant for dinner AND through a downtown Salt Lake City grocery store while scurrying to find a bathroom with Luke, who desperately "had to go." (It was a big store, included an escalator ride, and birthday greetings from a homeless man.)

I love my birthday.
One day, if I ever rule the world I will put the following two laws into effect.

1. Everyone must love their birthday as much as I do.
2. Birthdays will happen more than once a year.

Happy Birthday to me.


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