Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Luke's Cycles

A couple of winters ago, Mike began building his beloved shed. It has been a continual work in project because of time. Although nowhere near completion in Mike's opinion, it is fully functional in Luke's. Mike was pretty happy one day during late summer when Luke completely organized the shed, which had somehow become a catchall for anything that didn't really have a home. 

Organization is one of Mike's strong points, and it was a proud father moment when Mike saw Luke's ability to organize and clean to Mike's liking. 

Except, Mike's excitement over a clean, organized shed was temporary, when he realized one day, it wasn't exactly HIS shed anymore. Luke decided to claim it as his own.

A couple of months ago, Mike's shed became, Luke's Cycles.

Luke has opened a business out of our garden shed.

It's organized. It is clean. And any given afternoon you will find neighborhood children wheeling a bike through our back yard to visit Luke in his shop.

 Luke never ceases to amaze us.
There is no photo to show it, but the bike shop is complete with an extension cord and television/dvd player for customers to watch a movie while their bike is being fixed. (TV/DVD player courtesy of Megan and a $10 thrift store find.)

Although, I'm fairly certain Mike is proud of Luke and his little entrepreneur spirit, for all intents and purposes, the opening of Luke's Cycles, and the subsequent procurement of Mike's dream shed has rendered Mike somewhat speechless.

What's next you ask? Luke's Cycle's became a sponsor of a bike track...
More on that next time.


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