Friday, October 11, 2013

I May Become a Hoarder

I couldn't help but wonder why there was a folder on my cell phone titled as my blog title and inside it seemed like a million photos. Thinking too many photos may be the reason my cell phone was freezing at times, I opted to delete the folder of photos. I mean, why do I need blog photos on my cell phone?

Except somehow they are interconnected. (Don't ask me how, I am absolutely as technologically challenged as they come.) Next thing I know Friday morning, every place there is supposed to be a photo on my blog had a grey box instead.

I'm trying patiently to do what I can to re-add photos to my blog, amidst tears and a few too many 'Bible words.'

On top of that, I went shopping recently and found a sweater I loved and wanted to buy. I realized the reason I loved it so much was because I had a sweater almost exactly like it in 1993.

I have now decided to never press delete again, or get rid of something.

Here's to a life of excess.

Photo unrelated. But sometimes one needs a reason to laugh or else they will cry.
(This is how you watch General Conference when you are 4. You sit on top of a rubbermaid container while using a piano bench as a desk to color.)


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