Thursday, October 24, 2013

LMS Racing

A few months ago, I purchased two pieces of equipment, specifically a mini-excavator and a skidsteer. Did that whole sentence take you by surprise? (I must fill everyone in on that one of these days, but the long and short of it is, for the last couple of years I have been the president/owner of a landscape construction business.)

Back to my point...
When I returned from my business meeting over an Apollo hamburger (MY FAVORITE!!) and onion rings, and announced to Luke where I'd been, he couldn't stop the questions.  As much as he appreciates a good burger, my restaurant choice had nothing to do with his incessant questions. All he could talk about was...

"When will the machines be here?"
"Can dad bring one home tonight?"
"Well what about tomorrow?"
"The next day?"
"The next?"

You see, Luke has been dreaming of a little bike track for months. Our dear neighbor Paul, gave Luke permission for Luke to build one in his field, and Luke, ever the hard worker, set about making one by hand f....o....r    d....a....y.....s until he realized he'd be too old to even ride a bike before he ever got the first real jump made.

So when Luke found out we owned some machines, oh golly did his excitement peak.

And then that excitement began to wane as the days went on that the machines never made an appearance at home, and instead stayed where they should be... on job sites, making money.

Good thing the owner/president of the company has a good mother heart, and was able to gently nudge the company's main guy to get one of those machines home one weekend and make the poor kid happy.

Oh was Luke in heaven that Saturday when Mike spent an hour or so whipping up a bike track for Luke (and the neighbor kids).

Luke, seeing another business venture, realized the bike track could become more than just a bike track...

And that was how
LMS Racing

(Luke's initials are LMS, which just so happens to also be the first name initials of a couple of neighbor kids. They like to think they are part of the deal, Luke is determined it is his copyright.)

Race nights mean, $1 per kid, which includes a race bib and a water bottle. Wednesday afternoons, bike track practice is free.

It's a bike version of The Sandlot.

(Joshua taking a much needed break. That kid didn't stop that night! His little legs just pedal and pedal as fast as they can. As do Drew's.)

I love Luke.


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